Form Films is an award-winning full-service production studio. We're passionate about helping great companies Form Great Stories — stories that connect people to an idea. To a mission. To a purpose. We Form Great Stories because great stories help build brands worth following, companies worth supporting, and experiences worth sharing.

This is our passion

We believe within every company lies a great story. It's a story that creates difference and distance for your brand. It connects with your audience and moves them to action. It's a story that must be told. The challenge is many companies struggle to tell it well, often mistaking clicks for connection, and impressions for impact. We believe your brand and your audience deserve better.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer a holistic approach that leverages the time-tested and fundamental truths behind human communication to Form Great Stories™ long before the lights, camera, and action begin.

Whether on location or in our studio, we partner and collaborate with brands, creative agencies, marketing teams, producers, distributors, and networks to provide original and commercial content development, promos, editorial, VFX and complete post-production, as well as VR content — all for social, web, broadcast or feature release.

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