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How do you lead your teams and customers through crisis?
(Hint: Faceless emails aren't the answer.)

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Lead Well with Professional Video Content

The world is mostly frozen in place due to COVID-19. People are isolated and uncertainty abounds. More than ever, people need connection and clarity to move forward. Businesses who leverage video to personally engage, lead well and stay connected are much more likely to survive. Because of that, we've built a pain-free remote process to help you produce the professional content you need to communicate clearly and quickly with your teams and customers.

Why Video?

Email isn't the answer.

Email is great for sending quick information. It is not great for leading a company through a national crisis. Your teams and customers need answers to untold amounts of questions. They need to hear from you personally, to know you understand their needs and have a plan to succeed through the storm. In this time of social distancing, there is no better method of communicating than through video.

If you're a CEO, video can help you cast the vision and assurance your company needs to remain strong. If you're a CMO or team lead, video can help you push regular updates on goals, plans, and procedures to maintain momentum. And across the board, video can help you grow relationships with your customers by providing them with the value and personal engagement they need to maintain business with you.

Look Better. Sound Better.

Having content that looks and sounds better helps you lead better. Don't worry, you don't have to be a cinematographer. With a little guidance from our team, you can capture your content with your smartphone, send it to us, and we'll make sure you look and sound great. It's really that easy.

Option 1

Film Yourself

Communicate quickly and effectively. This is the fastest, most economical way to engage your audience.

  1. Record your content with the best camera you have.
  2. Upload your footage to us and we'll edit it within 24hrs.*
  3. Enjoy your finished product.


$247 / video (2-min or less)

$97 / each add'l minute

Option 2

You Film Here

Remove the guesswork and enjoy guaranteed pristine, professional results. For those local to Atlanta, this is the perfect turnkey solution for you.

  1. Schedule your session in our studio. 
  2. We'll film your content and edit it within 48hrs.*
  3. Enjoy your finished product.


$497 / video (2-min or less)

$197 / each add'l minute

Option 3

We Film There

For those still working from their Atlanta area offices, we can further enhance your content by sending a small crew to capture your message on-site.

  1. Schedule your 1/2 day shoot.
  2. We’ll film your content on-site and edit it within 72hrs.*
  3. Enjoy your finished product.


$997 / video (2-min or less)

$397 / each add'l minute

What's Included?

To give you the professional edge you need, every video you send us will be put through our 5 point process.

1. We sharpen your content with a professional edit.

2. We apply color correction and any additional "look" you require.

3. We mix and master your audio.

4. We add your company branding.

5. We season your content with graphics and music.

* All options include framing of your choice (horizontal, vertical, or square). Content bundles and additional services available. Any content filmed in our studio includes optional teleprompter to efficiently capture more content in a single session, which can be delivered over time to match your marketing calendar. On-site shoot includes one location per 1/2 day in the Atlanta area.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone.

We’re here to help you.  Reach out and let’s put our courage and creativity to work to weather this crisis. Remember, the decisions you make today will determine the story you tell tomorrow.

Let's make sure your story is a great one!